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    Ping Pong, or Table Tennis, is a deceptively simple sport. 

    Although most people think of Ping Pong as nothing more than a fun pastime for children and teenagers, it has actually grown into a very competitive game over the years. In fact, Ping Pong has been an Olympic event since 1988 (in the form of Table Tennis). 

    As the sport has grown to such an extent, both competitively and casually, there is no shortage of products available to choose from, including tables, paddles, nets, and more. With all of the choices out there, things can get a little overwhelming. That's exactly why we’ve compiled the following list of the best ping pong tables available on Amazon.

    Ready to get your ping pong matches underway? Whether you're interested in entertaining friends and family or looking for something on the Olympic level, you’re sure to find what you need below.

    In a hurry? Here are the test winners after 92 hours of research:

    Here are the best tables for 5 different use cases, from outdoor to casual to serious play (keep scrolling for 5 more table options):

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    10 Best Ping Pong Tables

    Best for Outdoor Ping Pong
    1. STIGA Advantage

    This Ping Pong table is another perfect choice for those looking for a competition-ready, tournament-quality product. It's also ideal for those who are looking for something they can easily assemble and use as it comes 95% pre-assembled straight out of the box.

    In just under ten minutes, we had a fully functional Ping Pong table ready to go. There’s no complicated assembly or confusing instructions — the net set alone is simply attached by clamps, allowing for easy storage and disassembly. This table can also be folded in half for convenient storage when not in use and can even be used for single-player games by shifting the table into the playback position — just fold up one side. 

    This table also comes with locking casters on its legs to ensure it remains in place. Standing on wheels, this table can be easily moved making it a perfect choice for a plethora of different recreational areas, including family rooms, break rooms, and other entertainment spaces.


    • Quick and easy to assemble and play.
    • A simple design of high quality.
    • Easy to store and move around.


    • Clamp-on net might need readjusting at times.

    Best for Indoor Ping Pong
    2. JOOLA Inside

    This Ping Pong table is definitely the most cost-effective product on our list. Once again, JOOLA does not sacrifice quality or functionality. Keep in mind, this table is designed with more casual entertainment in mind.

    Although it's considerably cheaper than our other options, the quality and features are still top-notch. This model sports a tournament-sized tabletop that is designed specifically for classical Ping Pong and includes a net and posts that screw directly into the table.

    This table is part of a four-piece system. In other words, the two halves of the table have separate four-wheel trolly systems on their legs so that they can be easily stored. This Ping Pong Table is an ideal option for anyone looking to add some competitive excitement to their home. 


    • More affordable than other models by JOOLA.
    • Quality remains high.
    • The four-piece system allows for easy and compact storage.


    • Lack of table thickness options.

    Best for Casual Players
    3. JOOLA Rally TL

    This indoor table tennis table consists of a sleek, aesthetically pleasing blacktop that is supported by white legs made of thick steel, a tournament quality net, conveniently placed ball holders at every corner of the table, a magnetic abacus to keep score, and a smooth, level playing surface. With this table, you can expect a satisfying ball bounce with every shot.

    A regulation table of this quality is not an uncommon sight in tournaments by the International Table Tennis Federation. Not only is it stylish, but it also comes with a multitude of features that add an extra layer of convenience. You’ll never have to worry about finding extra balls or arguing over the score of the game with this product.

    If space is a concern, then this table is a great choice as it sits on steel legs with lockable caster wheels complete with safety latches. It can also be folded in half allowing for easy storage and mobility. The table is available in various thicknesses depending on your requirements. In addition, the table itself requires little assembly — we had it up and running within 15 minutes. 

    If you’re interested in practicing by yourself, this table provides a great playback mode. Simply fold up one half of the table to create a surface that mimics an additional player's paddle, returning the ball after every shot. 


    • Sleek, stylish design.
    • Plenty of features for added convenience.
    • Easy to set up.
    • High-quality tabletop.


    • One of the more expensive ping pong table options.

    Best for Affordability + Quality
    4. JOOLA Signature Pro Tournament

    Once more, JOOLA takes another spot on our list. This time it is with an indoor ping pong table of exceptional quality, created for use by professionals. This regulation size table features a tournament-grade 25mm surface that is held up by an undercarriage consisting of steel legs with locking casters.

    Everything about this table is up to tournament standards — even the net and post sets are made with professional care and quality. As you volley back and forth, with or without an opponent, with this table, you'll feel like you're playing in the big leagues. 

    Aside from excellent overall quality, this table also comes with a few extra features. On every corner, there are conveniently placed ball holders that can hold up to three balls each, along with two magnetic abacus scorekeepers which are perfect for quickly keeping score when a match gets heated. 


    • Tournament quality, perfect for an aspiring professional.
    • Extra features for added convenience.
    • Playback mode, ideal for practice.


    • Cannot be easily stored like other models.

    Best for Affordability
    5. Butterfly Centrefold 25 Table Tennis Table

    Although this is the most expensive Ping Pong Table on our list, it's for good reason. The quality of this table is so high, even an Olympic champion would be lucky to play on it. It's literally one of the best indoor tabletops you could ask for.

    Featuring a one-inch thick tabletop, this table is held up by steel supports guaranteeing unmatched durability. With this table, you will experience a true, consistent bounce every time you and your opponent volley back and forth. Designed not to wear easily, this table will stand up to hours upon hours of play, no matter how fierce the competition is. The Butterfly Centrefold also includes a professional-quality net, free of charge. 

    The features of this high-end table are what you’d expect from a product of this caliber. Its steel frame chassis has rubber casters that allow it to be moved around with ease. It can also be folded in half for convenient storage. This table comes fully assembled — no tools or sweat required

    The manufacturers are so confident in the quality of this table that the Centrefold 25 comes with a 5-year warranty — customer satisfaction is guaranteed.


    • Extremely high quality, professional-level table.
    • No assembly required.
    • Durable and made to last.


    • Lack of single-player playback mode.


    For those looking to take the excitement of table tennis to the outdoors, look no further than the NOVA table. Like the rest of the JOOLA product lineup, this is another high-quality table. Unlike the other JOOLA tables on our list, this Ping Pong Table is designed to be used outdoors. As it's part of the JOOLA family, you know it's one of the best outdoor ping pong tables.

    Unlike typical tables, this one is made with an aluminum-plastic composite tabletop that's weather-resistant. The tabletop itself is not likely to experience warping and it even includes a weatherproof net. As with most JOOLA’s tables, this one also has steel legs to support it. Don't worry about the table moving around — it has caster wheels that can eeasily be locked into place. 

    This table is perfect for anyone interested in adding some additional fun to an outdoor space such as a deck, patio, or even a large backyard. Enjoy the thrill of Ping Pong in the open air!


    • The aluminum tabletop makes it resistant to the elements.
    • A waterproof net comes free with this table.
    • Comes 95% pre-assembled out of its packaging.


    • The aluminum tabletop gives ping pong balls a more hollow sound when bouncing.

    7. STIGA XTR

    The XTR is another table tennis table designed for outdoor use. The table features an aluminum composite surface complete with aluminum legs that are specifically designed to handle any weather conditions. This heavy-duty table is about as sturdy as they come.

    Like any high-quality ping pong table, the XTR has casters on its legs and can be folded up for single play and easy storage. This table is very easy to assemble. It comes 95% preassembled straight from the box. We had it up and running in less than 10 minutes.

    A quality table like this makes for a fine addition to any outdoor or indoor space, such as a garage, patio, or entertainment room.


    • The aluminum table and legs help prevent weather damage.
    • Easy to store and move around.
    • The table comes 95% preassembled.


    • No anti-glare tabletop.

    8. Butterfly Junior Table

    This table is perfect for anyone that is looking for something with extra portability in mind. This table is ¾ the size of traditional ping pong tables and is available  in both green and blue.

    A there is no bulky frame or legs, this table is significantly lighter than the other table on our list. It comes fully assembled out of the box and takes little to no time to set it up — just unfold the legs and wheel it to your desired location. In addition, a net set comes included at no additional cost. 

    Keep in mind, this particular table can be used for other activities besides ping pong. Simply remove the net from the table and you have a surface that’s perfect for playing cards and board games. 



    • More compact than a full-size ping pong table.
    • Multi-purpose, can be used for things like cards or board games.
    • Far less expensive than a professional table.


    • No single-player playback capability.

    9. STIGA Space Saver

    This table is much like the previous Butterfly table in that it's more compact than other ping pong tables and is designed with casual, quick ping pong entertainment in mind.

    The table is made with MDF and has a very smooth, level playing field that will allow balls to bounce as if they were on a professional tabletop. To ensure that the playing field is always stable, this table also comes equipped with adjustable pegs on the bottom of each leg. 

    The Space Saver comes totally preassembled — all you have to do is unfold the legs and you're ready to go. Its compact size makes this table perfect for home use and also for transporting to and from events, like family gatherings, BBQs, and more. 


    • Molded leg levelers prevent floor scratches and ensure a perfect field of play.
    • Compact size and foldable prevent it from taking up a lot of storage space.
    • Affordable price.


    • Intended for indoor use only.

    10. JOOLA Midsize

    Last but not least, the JOOLA Midsize completes our list. This table is available in two styles: a classical plain blue finish; and a sleek, sporty style that features an entirely black set of legs, black tabletop, and a racing stripe down the center. 

    Apart from its stylish appearance, the Midsize also sports some great features. It comes 100% preassembled — there’s no hassle with this Ping Pong Table. In order to get it ready for play, all you need to do is simply unfold the legs and clamp on the net.

    It is also extremely easy to store when not in use. Thanks to its compact size, you can easily slide it under a bed or place it in a closet. Like the previous smaller tables it can also be used for activities besides ping pong such as cards, board games, and puzzles. 


    • Aesthetically pleasing style options.
    • Simple and easy to get ready.
    • Designed for all skill levels.


    • No leg levelers.

    The Verdict

    When it comes to choosing the best Ping Pong Table that's right for you, you need to consider three factors: where you intend to use your table; what level of play it would be used at; and how much you’re willing to spend.

    Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table:

    A step above the smaller tables are the ones that are made with outdoor use in mind. Between the STIGA XTR and the JOOLA Nova, the Nova should be your top-choice. It has all of the features of the XTR but it also comes with a weatherproof net. This will save you money in the long run as you won't have to spend money on replacement nets. The Nova is an excellent choice for those who wish to switch between indoor and outdoor activities. 

    Best Indoor Ping Pong Table:

    When it comes to indoor tables, things get a little trickier as we enter the realm of whether you want an authentic tournament-level table to play on. If money is no object and you wish to play on a table that's suitable for an Olympian, then the Butterfly Centrefold is your best option. It's easily one of the best ping pong table that money can buy — none of the other tables on our list can really compare to it. 

    Best Casual Ping Pong Table:

    If you’re just looking for a highly-affordable option and something that can be put together quickly, then any one of the three small tables at the end of our list will suffice; however, the STIGA Space Saver might be your best bet as it also comes with adjustable legs to ensure an even playing level.  

    Best Ping Pong Table for Affordability + Quality:

    If you’re looking for a high-quality, more affordable option, then the JOOLA Rally TL is a table that you should set your sights on. On top of being one of the high-quality tables that JOOLA is known for, it also includes other extra features such as ball holders and a magnetic abacus for keeping score. All you need is a set of freshly cleaned ping pong paddles and you're ready to go. This is the perfect option for someone who is looking for an affordable table combined with tournament-level quality.

    Most Affordable Ping Pong Table:

    For those looking for a bargain first and foremost, the JOOLA Inside is the best-of-the-best. Once more, JOOLA delivers an excellent product. Keep in mind, this table is designed with more casual entertainment in mind. 

    How To Choose The Best Ping Pong Table

    Ping pong table selection can be a very intimidating prospect for first-time buyers. At a glance, there are lots of different types of table tennis tables meant for both indoor and outdoor play along with recreational tables and ones made for tournament-level play. Then there is also the multitude of brands all trying to catch your eye, flaunting that they make the best-quality tables. 

    All of this can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know what features you need to keep an eye out for. Ultimately, what you should buy will depend upon your personal preferences. Therefore, we’ve compiled this buying guide so that you can be more educated when it comes to table tennis tables and will be able to buy what suits your needs. 

    Indoor vs Outdoor Ping Pong Tables

    The very first question you should be asking yourself when considering what kind of ping pong table you want to buy is where you intend to keep the table and play with it. Below we’ll go over the major differences between tables made for indoor and outdoor play. 

    Indoor Tables

    All indoor ping pong tables are usually made from some sort of wood, such as medium-density fiberboard (mdf), and cannot be stored outside. If an indoor table is stored outside it will easily be damaged by the elements. The last thing you want for your ping pong table is for it to warp or develop mildew. 

    indoor ping pong table from butterfly

    The Butterfly Centrefold is our top pick for indoor ping pong players.

    While on the topic of indoor table tennis tables, it should be noted that most of them are quite large. If you’re buying a full-size, regulation table tennis table, it will be about 9 feet long and 5 feet wide. Therefore, if that’s what you’re looking for you need to remember to have enough space for the table. Some space-saving options are listed above.

    In terms of gameplay, indoor tables will feel the most natural to play on, especially if you’re playing on one that is 1-inch thick. Ball bounces will be more consistent and won’t vary very much depending on where they land. So, an indoor table at 1-inch thickness would be best for those looking to simulate a competitive environment. 

    Outdoor Tables

    Outdoor ping pong tables are an excellent choice for those looking to add a little extra entertainment to their backyard or porch spaces. Their table tops are heavy-duty and made to hold up against a lot of different weather conditions and are comprised of some sort of metal and plastic composite so warping won’t occur due to moisture. Additionally, the frame and legs of outdoor table tennis tables are usually built with some sort of anti-rust metal. However, it is still a good idea to invest in a ping pong table cover, just in case.

    outdoor ping pong table from joola

    The JOOLA Nova is our top pick for outdoor ping ping players.

    When it comes to gameplay, outdoor tables will not have as consistent of a bounce as indoor tables. Generally speaking, outdoor tables should not be used if you’re trying to play on a surface as you’d see at a tournament. 

    A downside when it comes to outdoor tables is that they can sometimes be more expensive than even the tournament-quality indoor tables. This is due to them being made from the more expensive metal and plastic materials. 

    That being said, if you don’t have a lot of room for an indoor table or only have space in your garage or somewhere outside, then an outdoor table is your best bet. Plus, it’s more fun to play table tennis out in the sun rather than in a muggy garage. 

    Space Needed For A Ping Pong Table

    As we mentioned earlier when talking about indoor tables, you will need adequate space for your ping pong table. Keep in mind that full-size tables are 9 feet by 5 feet long. However, this is not the only thing you should consider when it comes to the size of your table 

    Additionally, you must keep in mind that you will need ample space to play around the table. It would be irresponsible to put the table somewhere the players can’t move that much. Playing in a cramped area can result in injury, especially if you’re trying to go for that game-winning save. 

    For these reasons, make sure you measure the space you intend to store your ping pong table and allow between 3 to 5 feet of extra space so players can move around unrestricted. If you find that you don’t have the needed space for an indoor table, you should look at outdoor tables or perhaps a table smaller than regulation size. 

    You may find this ping pong table space chart helpful:

    ping pong table space chart

    Storage Capabilities

    Another factor you should keep an eye out for is the storage capabilities of the ping pong table you’re looking at. Many modern ping pong tables are foldable and can be stored in an upright position for easy transportation and storage. 

    If you plan to move the table around a lot or swap it out for something else similar in size like a dining table of some sort, you should absolutely keep an eye out for a table that can fold in half easily. 

    stiga space saver folding feature

    The STIGA Space Saver is a smaller ping pong table that takes easy storage to the next level.

    A table with rollaway is also convenient for storage due to the high portability.  

    Table Thickness

    Another factor to keep in mind as you search for the right ping pong table is the thickness of it. For those that do not understand why this should be a deciding factor, the thickness of a ping pong table determines how well balls will bounce on it. A thick playing surface will allow the highest quality of play because it gives the most consistent bounces. 

    Both indoor and outdoor tables come in different amounts of thicknesses, however outdoor tables generally will not be as thick as indoor tables due to the necessity of a waterproof coating of some sort. Some outdoor tables can still provide quite a good bounce, provided you have the budget available for it. 

    Also, be wary that thicker tables will always be more expensive. That then begs the question of how pricey each thickness is and how good of a bounce you can get with them. 

    For Indoor Tables there are four thickness types: 

    • ½ inch (12-13mm) 
    • ⅝ inch  (16mm)
    • ¾ inch (19mm)
    • 1 inch (25mm)

    ½ inch thick tables are the worst table you can buy. We heavily recommend against buying tables that are this thick because of how cheap they are along with the horrible quality of the bounces.

    ⅝ inch tables are a decent pick if you’re on a budget. They’re not as low quality as the ½ inch tables and won’t have the best bounce in the world but it’s certainly a good pick if you’re not planning on playing competitively 

    ¾ inch tables are a step up from ⅝ inch tables and will make an excellent pick for anyone, even competitive players. Though the bounce isn’t as great as thicker tables, it’s good if you can’t afford a 1-inch thick table but still want something that will give you a consistent and decent quality bounce. 

    1-inch thick playing surfaces are the best table tennis tables. They are the standard used by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) and provide the best, most consistent bounce out of all the different table thicknesses. We highly recommend this type of table thickness for those who are looking to practice or play in a competition setting. 

    Looking at Outdoor Tables, there are three thickness sizes: 

    • 5mm 
    • 6mm
    • 7mm

    As you can see, none of the outdoor table surfaces have the same thickness as the indoor tables. This is due to the necessity of a weatherproof coat of some sort that is applied over the top of the table. No table meant for outdoor use will give the best bounce, but what you’re paying for is a table that will last a long time outside. Essentially, you’re sacrificing a tournament-quality setting for the convenience of an outdoor table. 

    Setup Time

    Perhaps one of the most important factors to some people is how long it takes to set up a ping pong table. Lots of people just want a table that comes pre-assembled or mostly assembled so they can quickly set up their table and get to play. Thankfully, many table tennis tables come preassembled or almost completely assembled. 

    Tables that come preassembled or mostly assembled will be very easy to set up and can take about 20 minutes to be put together and ready to go. There is a catch, however, as most high-end tables tend to not come preassembled. There are exceptions to this rule, but just be wary about the expensive professional tables as they can sometimes take hours to put together if you're by yourself. 

    joola rally tl easy assemble table

    The JOOLA Rally TL is our top pick for quality + affordability. It takes just 15 minutes to assemble and start playing.

    Frame and Chassis

    Something that might not be immediately obvious when looking at ping pong tables is the durability of the chassis, frame, and undercarriage of the table. Thankfully, this is a fairly straightforward topic. 

    When looking at indoor tables, it is very important that the table frame, chassis, and undercarriage be made with some sort of stainless steel, the thicker the better. Without a strong frame and chassis, your table will eventually fall apart, no matter how nice the tabletop is. 

    For outdoor tables, it is a slightly different story. You’ll want a table that has galvanized steel legs and a frame of the same type. The reason being that galvanized steel can’t be damaged by wet conditions. 

    Also, it is important to find a table with a large chassis. The larger the chassis the more stable the table will be and it will be less susceptible to breaking due to stress or other factors such as people leaning too much on the table. 

    Safety Measures

    This section is more for parents who are looking to get a ping pong table for their kids. Ping pong is an excellent way to entertain kids because of how simple the game is to pick up and play. Therefore, it makes sense that you would pay attention to any features of the tables that would help to keep your kids safe from something like injuring themselves on corners or breaking the table. 

    One of the most important safety measures that a lot of ping pong tables have is corner protectors. These corner protectors will prevent kids and others from hurting themselves on the corners of the table. They can also be replaced if they break.

    ping pong table corner protector

    You can buy protectors like this separately if your table doesn't come with them.

    Next on the list of safety measures are wheel-locking mechanisms or casters. This might not seem like the most obvious thing to worry about, but it can prove to be problematic if left unchecked. For instance, if your kids are playing a game of ping pong and it gets a little too competitive and maybe one of them leans on the table. Before you know it, they’ve pushed the table across the room and broken it, and hurt themselves. 

    That’s why you should make sure that if you get a ping pong table with wheels, it should have wheel locks. It also helps with storage as well because if the table is stored away you won’t have to worry about it moving around or getting damaged because of that. Most high-quality tables come with this feature, so it is not that big of a worry. 

    Another sort of locking mechanism that is very important for a good ping pong table is being able to stay locked while it’s folded in half. Again, this is a feature that is on most good-quality ping pong tables and prevents the table from unfolding randomly, if it comes with that feature.

    Other Extra Features

    Besides safety features and big things such as being able to fold up, what are other important features to look out for when purchasing a ping pong table? 

    Well, with ping pong tables, there’s only so much that can be done in terms of innovation. But there are a few things to add a little bit of convenience. For instance, some tables will come with a built-in magnetic abacus that lets you keep score. Another extra feature is a built-in ball holder. These are generally placed on each corner of the table and can hold a couple of balls so there’s no need to go running after one if you get a little over-zealous during gameplay. A warranty is also another thing to look out for if you're concerned about quality control. 

    Finally, one feature you should definitely look out for is if the table can be put in the playback position. What this means is that one-half of the table is able to be folded up so that any balls you hit at it will bounce back at you, effectively letting you play by yourself. This is a feature that’s perfect for those that like to practice or play ping pong by themselves. Luckily, this feature tends to be standard for tables that fold in half. There are exceptions sometimes, so make sure to do your research. 

    The Cost of Ping Pong Tables

    This is probably the section some of you readers have been both simultaneously looking forward to and dreading, the actual cost of ping pong tables. 

    The good news is that there are plenty of affordable options when it comes to ping pong tables, especially if you’re only looking for something to play on recreationally. That being said, table tennis tables can get quite pricey, especially if they’re the type that is used in tournaments, by Olympians, or professionals. 

    There is a fairly large price discrepancy between tables used for recreational play and those used for professional play. For instance, one of the cheaper but good-quality tables on Amazon meant for recreational use, the JOOLA Indoor, is only about 200 dollars. Meanwhile, an expensive table like the Butterfly Centrefold, a table meant for professional play, will cost around 2,000 dollars. Granted, the Centrefold is a top-of-the-line table and should only be considered by professionals and serious players. 

    This is why it is important to figure out in what capacity you plan on using your ping pong table so you don’t overpay on an expensive piece of equipment you’ll hardly use or treat poorly. 

    Ping Pong Table Brands To Look For

    When it comes to ping pong tables, there are some very reputable brands you should keep an eye out for. They are well known for their high-quality products and reliable services and some of them even have their tables and other ping pong equipment used in major events like the Olympics or big tournaments. 

    You cannot talk about ping pong tables without talking about the two very reputable brands: STIGA and JOOLA. These two brands make tables of excellent quality for anything from professional to recreational purposes. In fact, their products are featured in big tournaments and events all around the world! These brands are very safe bets when it comes to tables and they are highly recommended. 

    The next two brands, Butterfly and Killerspin, are also very reputable. Butterfly has an excellent reputation for making only the highest quality ping pong tables and accessories that professionals constantly use. Killerspin is another excellent brand that prides itself on making top-quality ping pong products. Both of these brands should really only be considered by those looking for professional-grade tables and gear, though they do have some more affordable options if that’s what you need.

    We hope this guide has helped your find the ping pong table you're looking for. Or at least helped you learn what to look for when seeking out a ping pong table in the future.

    Thanks for reading!

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