How Much Do Ping Pong Players Make?

Much like professional boxers, golfers and cyclists, ping pong players — or table tennis, as professional players prefer to call their sport — will only earn a healthy living if they win tournaments. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, players who are regular winners of seasonal matches earn from $3,000 to $35,000 for a win. However, playing International Tennis Federation tournaments could earn a winner up to $40,000.

Do table tennis players earn reliable incomes?

There is no getting away from the fact that the most experienced professional players are the ones that make the most money. Because their earnings are discouraging, most professionals participate in at least five competitions each season. Not only for the trophies but also to earn a healthy income which provides the mentioned $3,000 to $35,000.

So, how do professional table tennis players make money?

Now that we know the table tennis professionals do not get enough money from tournaments, the question is obvious. How do they make money? So, if you know some rich ping pong players, chances are their money did not all come from winning tournaments. They likely have other sources of income like earnings from their clubs and the ping pong governing bodies. Some professionals receive government money after cup tournaments.

How much is the most famous table tennis player worth?

Ma Long, a Chinese Table Tennis player, is the most famous and wealthiest table tennis professional. Between 2004 and 2012, Ma Long held three world cup championships, making him the most successful table tennis player. His net worth is estimated at $20 million.

In conclusion — augment your income

Any ping pong players who consider going pro might want to ensure they have additional income sources planned. One option is working to establish sponsorships. Famous ping pong brands like Stiga, Tibhar and Butterfly have been known to offer sponsorships. In some cases, sponsorships offers involve discounted equipment and gear instead of cash.

Another option is to offer ping pong coaching. Top-notch players can earn at least $50 for one-hour one-on-one table tennis coaching.

An even better paying career to pursue is sports administration. Working toward a master’s degree could ultimately secure an annual income of between $30,000 and $100,000. The cherry on the cake is that it won’t be necessary to give up playing ping pong and collecting trophies.

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