How to Make a Ping Pong Paddle Sticky

If you wondered why a ping pong player would want a sticky paddle, here’s why. A sticky paddle gives you a better grip on the ping pong ball, allowing more speed and higher chances of improving your skills.

Stickiness on the paddle generates more spin on the ball, benefiting high-performance play. Did you know that dirt and dust can build up on a ping pong paddle over time of frequent use?

How to test the stickiness of your ping pong paddle?

Before taking steps to make your ping pong paddle stickier, do this test. Stick your paddle onto a sheet of clean paper. If the paper does not fall off when you lift the paddle and move it around, your paddle’s stickiness is still perfect. However, suppose the paper sheet stays behind or drops when you move the paddle. You’ll need to follow one of the following procedures to get back the stickiness in that case.

How do you make your ping pong paddle sticky?

Let’s look at the various tricks of the trade:

  • Buy a good quality paddle: If you start off with a good paddle, you should not have inefficient stickiness issues for a long time.
  • Clean your paddle: If you get in the habit of removing dust and other foreign material from your ping pong paddle, you might be able to maintain the original stickiness.
  • Use a paddle cover: Get a cover to protect your ping pong paddle when you’re not playing.
  • Should you replace the rubber? Although the ping pong paddle’s rubber is replaceable, it is not the best step if your paddle is old. Then it’s better to buy a new paddle.
  • What is the artist’s brush method? Here’s a trick recommended by many. Get yourself an artist brush and some sunflower oil. Now use the brush to paint the entire ping pong paddle rubber and let it dry. Repeat this process a few more times until you can do the paper sheet pick-up trick I mentioned at the beginning of this article.
  • Why not just add glue? Even professionals may apply glue to the rubber; however, it must be a very thin layer. It might sound like the obvious way to get your paddle sticky, but if you apply even a tiny bit too much, it could severely jeopardize your game.

It might be a good idea to also explore commercial products made for this purpose.

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