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Ping pong tables are an excellent way to add some extra fun to your household. The simple sport can be picked up by just about anyone and is excellent for both casual and competitive players. However, a ping pong table is not some small household accessory you can take anywhere and some people may not have space within their homes to support something like that.

Thankfully, there exist ping pong tables that are specifically made to be used in the outdoors! These can provide hour upon hour of wholesome fun for everyone in the outdoors and to help you pick the perfect one, we’ve reviewed the 5 best outdoor tables just for you. Plus, these can all be conveniently found on Amazon.

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The 5 Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables Reviewed in 2021 – Overview

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1. JOOLA Nova Outdoor Table Tennis Table

The first and best table on our list is the Nova, a regulation size, rollaway outdoor table tennis table by the JOOLA brand. They are a very reputable and trusted brand among the ping pong community and many of their products, professional tables especially are featured in tournaments and competitions sponsored by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) all around the world. 

Just by the brand name alone, you know that you’ll be getting a top-quality outdoor table, but don’t just take our word for it. We’ll give you some reasons why this table stands out from the rest of its competitors.

For starters, the table surface itself can withstand all types of weather conditions. It is made from an aluminum-plastic composite that has high durability and is resistant to all sorts of damage caused by the outdoors such as warping and chipping. Additionally, the undercarriage is aluminum and is rust-resistant and powder-coated. The net that comes with this table is also waterproof as well. With this table, you’ll be able to play ping pong rain or shine! 

This table features things that are common in all of JOOLA’s other tables such as caster wheels with locking mechanisms, adjustable leg levelers, foldable halves for convenient storage and portability, and a playback mode. Also, this table has a safety feature, it has special latches to ensure no accidental unfolding. 

JOOLA NOVA Playback Mode

Additionally, this table is very easy to put together. It comes 95% pre-assembled and only took us about 10 minutes to put together. The Nova is truly one of the best table tennis tables and is perfect for outdoor spaces that need extra entertainment. We highly recommend this table above the others on the list because of its features, price, playability, and overall high quality. 


  • Aluminum-plastic composite tabletop
  • Rust-resistant undercarriage
  • Waterproof net and post set
  • Comes with other features standard with JOOLA tables


  • Not suitable for competitive play

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2. STIGA XTR and XTR Pro Series Table Tennis Table

Next up on the list is a table by another renowned ping pong brand, STIGA. Like JOOLA, this brand also prides itself on making excellent quality ping pong products and is also well-known in the table tennis scene. This outdoor table tennis table has a lot of the same features that the JOOLA Nova has, albeit there are some slight differences. But first, we will cover the similarities. 

Most importantly, this quality table is made with an aluminum composite surface and actually has a powder-coating over it to help prevent damage from the sun. The undercarriage, frame, and legs are equally as durable as the tabletop as they are made with galvanized steel and covered in a zinc powder coating. Therefore it is resistant to warping, rusting, and pretty much anything else nature can do to hurt it making it perfect for outdoor play. 

Stiga XTR Series Independent Halves

Additionally, this table comes with a lot of things that are common with other ping pong tables, such as locking caster wheels, folding halves to free up storage space, and leg levelers. It also actually comes with auto-deploying wheels. Essentially when you unfold the table once it’s assembled the wheels and legs will fold in or out with it. Speaking of assembly, this table also comes 90% pre-assembled and takes about 15 minutes to put together. 

This table comes in either the base XTR model or the XTR Pro. The difference between them is obviously that the Pro model is more expensive than the base model (about 200 more dollars) and has a thicker frame with larger wheels.

The larger wheels allow the pro model to be moved around easier on more difficult terrain compared to the base model. Overall, this table is another excellent choice that only really loses to the Nova due to its higher price point and slightly longer assembly time. If you have a bigger budget, you might consider this table over the Nova.


  • Pro model comes with a thicker frame and larger wheels
  • Similar to the Nova in terms of features
  • Aluminum composite surface with galvanized steel frame and legs. 


  • More expensive than the Nova

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3. GamePoint Tables Outdoor Ping Pong Table

The next table on our list is made by GamePoint. While they are not as well-known as JOOLA or STIGA, they are a brand that still prides themselves on the excellent quality of their tables. This table, in particular, is extremely sturdy, weatherproof, and is built to stand up to the elements year-round. 

GamePoint Tables waterproof

The GamePoint table is similar to the previous two tables and has all of the features you’d expect from a high-quality outdoor table tennis table. You’ll find it has everything you’d want such as locking caster wheels, aluminum composite tabletop, playback mode, leg levelers, folding halves for easy storage, and a fast setup time. But where this table differs from its previous two competitors is within the frame and the undercarriage. 

Unlike the previous two tables, the GamePoint does not use galvanized steel. Instead, it uses alloyed steel for the frame. This makes this durable table better than its competitors but that is not the only thing that makes this table so hardy. Again, like the other tables, this one’s frame and undercarriage are designed to resist rust and sun damage.

The tabletop is also warp-resistant like the others before it. Also, while it is not the most notable feature, it should be said that the table’s markings are painted on using silkscreen striping. Essentially it is a method of commercial painting that is quite durable. 


  • Alloy steel undercarriage and legs
  • All of the necessary features that you see in other tables
  • Table markings are painted on by using silkscreen striping


  • The net does not appear to be waterproof

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4. Kettler Outdoor Ping Pong Table

With those three tables out of the way, we now look into the realm of the more expensive options when it comes to ping pong tables. Specifically, we will be looking at a weatherproof table that is made by the Kettler brand. Kettler is a German brand that makes high-end (and expensive) ping pong gear. However, if your budget will allow it, this table will make an excellent investment. 

The unique thing about this table is the way that the tabletop is made. Instead of the aluminum composite we’ve seen present in the previous outdoor tables, Kettler uses its own type of tabletop known as KETT-TEC5 which is made with alu-tec. It has a completely weather-resistant tabletop that is scratch, UV light, anti-glare, and fade resistant. Also, unlike the other tables, this table provides a tournament-grade bounce.

Kettler Cabo Features

It is an excellent table for those who are looking for a more authentic playing surface that can stand up to the elements and we recommend it to dedicated players. Other features of this table include its sturdily built, heavy-gauge steel legs, and undercarriage.

The wheels of this table can swivel and can lock up. Also, the wheels of this table are larger than ones typically seen on other outdoor tables. It allows the table to be moved around easier and can also be moved easily around uneven surfaces. This table also took a little bit longer to assemble, compared to the previously reviewed ones.

Admittedly, the large price tag on this table can be quite intimidating however, the overall value of this product doesn’t just come from the table itself. This particular offer on Amazon is a bundle package that includes not just the table but also 2 premium table tennis rackets, 3-star balls, a 3-year warranty, and a heavy-duty table cover. 


  • Frame and legs are made out of very durable materials
  • KETT-TEC5 tabletop for tournament-grade bounce
  • Comes bundled with balls, rackets, and a heavy-duty cover


  • The most expensive item on this list

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Lowest Price
5. GoSports Mid-Size Table Tennis Set

Rounding out our list is the most affordable option that we reviewed. It is a mid-size table made by the GoSports brand. They are not a dedicated table tennis brand like some of the others that have been featured in our review but that doesn’t detract from the fact that of how excellent of a product this is. 

Really, this good quality ping pong table is meant for recreational players who are looking for a fun activity that they can break out at friendly gatherings like barbeques or parties. It is not a full-size table like the rest of the ones on the list and because of this, it makes it very easy to move around, even without any wheels on it.

GoSports Features

Additionally, this table is much easier to store, not just because of its smaller size but because it has the ability to fold in half along with its legs and the convenient carrying handles when it is folded. It is the king of compact storage when it comes to ping pong tables, you’ll never have to worry about having enough space.

In terms of construction, this table is made with similar components to some of the other tables. Namely, it uses heavy-duty aluminum for the frame and legs, making it quite durable while also keeping it lightweight. Like the Kettler, this ping pong table actually comes with all of the necessary accessories for playing as well. You’ll receive a convenient carrying case that contains two rackets and ping pong balls. Also, a net set is included with this table as well. 


  • Lightweight and very portable
  • Sturdy construction with heavy-duty aluminum legs and frame
  • Comes with all the necessary accessories
  • Extremely affordable price


  • Not a full-size table

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Our Winner: 

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We have decided that the JOOLA Nova is the best outdoor table tennis table out of the 5 that we reviewed. In all honesty, this table is nothing short of amazing. It has all of the necessary features you could want in a full-size outdoor ping pong table. From its aluminum-plastic composite tabletop to its heavy-duty steel undercarriage and frame. This table was built to withstand the elements and it certainly shows. 

It also comes with all of the many things one looks for in a normal, high-quality ping pong table such as locking caster wheels, a playback position, foldable halves, safety latches, leg levelers, and a waterproof net and post set. We cannot recommend this table enough, it such an amazing quality product and it is sure to provide countless hours of fun for not only yourself but also any friends or family who use it as well! 

Outdoor Ping Pong Table FAQ

1. “Why can’t I just use a normal ping pong table outdoors?”

It’s not that you “can’t” use an indoor table tennis table outdoors, per se, it’s more like you shouldn’t. The biggest difference between an indoor ping pong table and an outdoor one is the material that their tabletops are made out of. Indoor tabletops are almost always made out of some sort of wood, such as MDF, and are supposed to be kept in an area with consistent conditions. Preferably somewhere dry and fairly warm. 

If a table that’s meant for indoor use is kept outside it can experience all sorts of damage due to the elements such as warping from moisture, chip damage, and even the sun’s UV rays can cause damage to the table. Therefore we strongly recommend against using an indoor table outside. 

2. “Are outdoor tables good for tournament-quality practice?”

Sadly, outdoor tables are not what you should be investing in if you’re looking for something that simulates a competitive environment. Instead, you should focus on buying a high-quality indoor table. Like we mentioned before, indoor tables are usually made out of wood, are thicker,  and will provide the closest experience to real competition. If that’s what you’re really looking for, we have actually done reviews on indoor tables, which can be found here

outdoor ping pong table

3. “What kind of specifications should I look for in an outdoor tennis tabletop?”

When it comes to the tabletop, the actual playing surface, there are a few things you need to look out for. First of all is the overall thickness of the table and then the material that the tabletop is made of. Generally speaking, tabletops made for outdoor use will be much thinner than indoor ones. The thinner playing surface of the outdoor tables does not provide a very consistent ball bounce compared to their thicker indoor counterparts.

There are exceptions, such as the very expensive Cornilleau 500m. This is another reason why we recommend against buying outdoor tables if you are looking for a surface to practice for a competitive setting. Additionally, you must remember that indoor tables are always made out of some sort of wood whereas outdoor tables are almost always made out of some sort of lightweight metal for their tabletops such as aluminum.

Also, outdoor tables have a lot more work to do since they are constantly exposed to the elements, so they’ll usually be coated with materials and chemicals that help them resist the harmful effects of nature’s wrath. The alloy metal materials cause the outdoor tables to be heavier in general and that’s why only the most expensive outdoor tables are anywhere close to the thickness of a regulation indoor table.

4. “What else should I look for in a table besides the playing surface itself?”

Besides the playing surface, you should pay close attention to the wheels of the table, assuming it comes with them, and the frame and undercarriage of the ping pong table. Wheels are important because it can be very difficult to move around a full-size table tennis table just by yourself or even with the help of others.

If you’re going to be moving the table around a lot and find yourself on uneven ground a lot, then you should look for an outdoor table that uses larger wheels. Specifically, 6-inch wheels are what’s best for moving the table around difficult terrain or long distances. These are pretty easy to spot as they look oversized on the table itself. While everyone obviously should care a lot about the type of surface they’re using, you should really pay attention to the frame of the table as well.

Without a strong, supportive frame, the table will wobble and buckle under pressure. You don’t want someone to lean on your new table and instantly break it. Therefore, you should be on the lookout for tables that are made with some sort of alloy metal or even galvanized steel. Additionally, finding a frame that has some sort of anti-rust coating or is UV resistant would be ideal.

Bonus tip: If you’re having trouble assembling your table, check out this video guide:

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